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Monday Walk 2nd November 2009 - Bassingham

Our monthly monday walks are leisurely affairs. We start at 11am at a local pub, walk for about 2 miles and return to the pub to enjoy a leisurely lunch and chat before departing.  The walks were originally designed for Ramblers who were having difficulty walking the longer distances because of injury or recuperation from an illness as well as being a chance to keep in touch with your walking friends. Also we soon found that the the meal was a big attraction, particularly since we normally do not need to pre order our meal until the start of the walk. Some of us do not stay for the meal every time.

On todays walk from the Five Bells at Bassingham we booked our meals from the special pensioners menu or the normal (wider choice) menu. Ahead of the walk our leader Bill Allen had checked the quality of the meals on offer and determined the range of prices.

 We set off at 11am and, as usual,  the route had been chosen to be on flat land, have the minimum of stiles and be as smooth a surface as possible. Unusually for November the weather had been dry and there was little mud underfoot.and we arrived back at the Five Bells a little after 12 oclock. While waiting to be served we enjoyed a pre lunch drink and Judith Allen took a few photos. Click on the photo below to see a mini slide show. As is almost always the case we had an enjoyable meal and ageed that it would be worth doing another walk from there in the future.

 The dates of the Monday Walks are shown in our printed programme but we are unable to include details of location. This is because the pub cannot be chosen more than a few weeks in advance since pub managements and /or chefs change so frequently these days! 

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