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Spires and Steeples route

The Spires and Steeples Arts and Heritage Trail was formally opened in May 2008. This 26¾ miles waymarked path between Lincoln and Sleaford provides an excellent new long distance route for walkers as well as a wonderful arts and heritage experience along the way. The trail passes through many villages in North Kesteven along the way and if desired can be done in short stages.The route  was put together to make it easier for visitors and residents to find their way from village to village to discover their artistic and historical treasures.
North Kesteven does not have a wealth of dramatic scenery, cliffs and mountains, but it does have a rich history and heritage, stories that are part of the fabric of Lincolnshire and intertwined with the character of its landscape, flat fens and heath, reflecting open, changing skies


The Trail name refers to the Spires of churches being the landmarks to which visitors make their way and to the rural sport of Steeple chasing. It is also recognition of the important part they have played in the lives of these communities, as well as how they are a reflection of the times, families and cultures that created, altered and rebuilt them.

The photo sequence below show various scenes along the Spires and steeples Way.

  • Carved seat at Branston - photography by Jane Harrison
  • Dorrington Church
  • Nocton sundial photography by Jane Harrison
  • Dorrington Demons wood carving
  • events walkers

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Many of the North Kesteven villages, and especially those on this trail, have worked with artsNK, the District Council and other partners to research, explore and record their distinctive stories and go on to find creative and inspirational ways of sharing and celebrating them. This is the first step to valuing, caring for and protecting our culture, our villages and the wider environment. These village trails and artworks have been made possible by the boundless enthusiasm, passion and energy of the residents that have been involved. They are also a reflection of the vision, as well as practical support and funding, that have been given over lots of years, by North Kesteven Councillors and officers.

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Places and distances .

1. Lincoln to Washingborough : 3¼ miles - 6.0 kilometres.
2. Washingborough to Branston : 2¼ miles - 4.5 kilometres.
3. Branston to Potterhanworth : 2¼ miles - 4.5 kilometres.
4. Potterhanworth to Nocton : 1½.miles - 2.5 kilometres.
5. Nocton to Dunston : 1¼ miles - 2.0 kilometres.
6. Dunston to Metheringham : 1¼ miles - 2.0 kilometres.
1. Metheringham to Blankney : 1 mile - 1.5 kilometres.
2. Blankney to Scopwick : 1½ miles - 2.5 kilometres.
3. Scopwick to Digby : 2¾ miles - 4.5 kilometres.
4. Digby to Dorrington ; 1¼ miles - 2.0 kilometres.
5. Dorrington to Ruskington : 1¼ miles - 2.0 kilometres.
6. Ruskington to Sleaford : 5¾ miles - 9.5 kilometres.

TOTAL = 26¾ miles - 43.5 kilometres.

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County sights and some other related pictures.

This module presents a few photos of Lincolnshire places and other walking related pictures in the county 

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  • Moneys-Mill-Sleaford
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